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iFuse-Navigation Set

The new iFuse-Navigation Set allows surgeons who use the O-arm® imaging system and StealthStation® navigation system to perform the iFuse procedure for MIS SI joint fusion. Here are the instruments you'll need to perform the procedure, a printable information sheet, and a video that shows you what to expect.

Instrumentation for iFuse Procedure

  • SI-BONE™ iFuse-Navigation™ Instrument Set
  • SI-BONE™ Radiolucent Instrument Set
  • SI-BONE™ 3.1 mm Threaded Tip and Blunt Tip Pins

Additional Instrumentation

  • Medtronic O-arm® Imaging System/StealthStation®
  • Medtronic StealthStation® Universal Drill Guide Set
  • Medtronic StealthStation® Spine Referencing Set
  • Medtronic Disposable Perc Pin (100mm or 150mm)
  • Medtronic TeraTrackers (3 different colored TeraTrackers from the StealthStation® Tactile Probe Set are needed)

The iFuse-Navigation™ System has been designed by SI-BONE, Inc. and cleared by FDA for use with the Medtronic StealthStation® Navigation System and theTeraTrackers. Trademarks in O-arm, Stealthstation and Medtronic are owned by Medtronic, Inc. The iFuse-Navigation Instruments are independently developed, manufactured and distributed by SI-BONE, Inc.


iFuse-Navigation Set

Dr. Kranenburg, who has been using the iFuse procedure for 4 years when this 20 minute video was recorded, explains minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion with the iFuse Implant System using the iFuse-Navigation Set.

Order the iFuse-Navigation Set

To order the iFuse-Navigation Set, please contact your local SI-BONE sales representative or call SI-BONE at:

T +39 0331 1561179


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